“Healthy Women, Healthy World”

“Let’s run, for yourself, and for someone else” towards the International Women’s day: Why don’t we wear the same official T-shirts and run for women around the world with the slogan?

White Ribbon is a symbol to support the movement that women around the world stay healthier and live in their own way. Part of your entry fee will assist to protect women’s lives and health in Afghanistan and Zambia.

“Healthy Women, Healthy World”

Let’s make a White Ribbon movement worldwide by getting connected virtually.



What Can We Do at the White Ribbon Run?/ Ways to Participate in the White Ribbon Run

– Get the T-shirt and Run
—  When and How to run?
– Participate in the One-day Online Festa
—  Wide variety of special guests
—  Online program
– Take a Charity Action
—  What is WHITE RIBBON?
—  What is White Ribbon Run?
—  Why running?
—  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
—  What is JOICFP?

Race Information

– Entry Fees
– Registration
– Schedule, Venues, Restrictions
—  ①Registered Sites in Japan
—  ②Anywhere, for Anyone
– Gift for Participation

Charitable Activities

– About WRUN 2021 Projects
– Afghanistan
– Zambia

Terms of Application
Safety Measures for COVID-19

What Can We Do at the White Ribbon Run?/ Ways to Participate in the White Ribbon Run

① Get the T-shirt and Run


The official T-shirt is made in collaboration with Under Armour. The theme of the design is the same as the one of WRR2021: “Healthy Women, Healthy World.” This is the photo-printed type, and the fabric is suitable to use for running, workout and as townwear. Those who register the WRR 2021 would receive T-shirts prior to the run event. Let’s wear the T-shirt and run to spread the message all together!

※T-shirt is to be mailed in late February 2021.

About T-shirts
※ Please note that the stock of T-shirts is limited and that T-shirts you ordered may not be available.
※ No refunds/exchanges are available after the registration. Please make sure to check the size prior to the entry.
※ T-shirts are Unisex and Kids sizes
※ This T-shirt is a unisex product. We recommend ordering one size down from what you usually wear. For example, choose XS if you normally wear S size.
※ The measurements on the size chart are actual body measurements.

BUST (cm) WAIST (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
YSM(130) 61 – 67 53 – 59 125 – 135
YMD(140) 64 – 72 54 – 62 135 – 145
YLG(150) 70 – 78 58 – 66 145 – 155
BUST (cm) WAIST (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
XS 81-87 67-73 157-163
SM(S) 85 – 91 71 – 77 162-168
MD(M) 89 – 95 75 – 81 167-173
LG(L) 93 – 99 79 – 85 172-178
XL(O) 97 – 103 83 – 89 177-183


When and How to run?

Two ways to participate in the charity run:

①Run at the Registered Sites in Japan with friends and families

Runners gather at registered sites located all over Japan and run together with friends who entered WRR2021. Each site sets a running course which has photogenic spots and locally famous places, and some venues may organize their original event. Anyone who wants to have fun with friends, who wants to revitalize the local area, and who wants to participate with family can enjoy this category!

②Run individually: “Anyone, for Anywhere”

Anyone can participate in the run wherever you like at your own pace. Runners can participate individually, and the course may be your neighborhood, regular running spot, or even at the travel destination. From Monday, 1 March to Sunday, 14 March, 2021, you can participate in the category as many times as you like.

Please wear the WHITE RIBBON RUN 2021 Official T-shirt, and upload your running photos on SNS with hashtag #whiteribbonrun2021 to promote the White Ribbon movement.


② Participate in the Online Festa

One-day online event will be held for the first time at the WRR, commemorating the International Women’s Day.

Anyone who registers at WRR2021 can enjoy events such as talk shows and exercises with celebrity guests, which used to be available only for participants at the Tokyo and Osaka sites!

Under the theme “Healthy Women, Healthy World,” the online event includes talk sessions that introduce JOICFP’s activities and the recipient countries and a wide variety of exercises and workshops all day long. You can create your original festa by running in your neighborhood after stretching online or running together with family after listening to the talk session with special guests at the online festa.


Online program


■Date: 13:00 p.m. – 16:10 p.m., Sunday, March 7, 2021 (it will be streamed until 31 March, 2021)
■How to participate: YouTube Live

Time Table 

13:00 Opening

Message from Zambia and Afghanistan

WR partner:Lactoferrin Lab

Saraya Co.,Ltd.

Premium Exercise before running: “Healthy World with Radio Exercise!”(10 min.)

Instructor: Dr. Kakuko Nakamura (orthopedic surgeon and sports doctor)

WR partner: FMG & MISSION 


Premium Exercise before running: “Ritsu Yoga”(10 min.)

Instructor: Ritsuko Tanaka (TV personality and president of the Japan Sap Yoga Association)

WR partner: Suzune


Premium Exercise before running: ”Happy Warm Up”(10min.)

Instructor: Emi Renata (Model and Fitness Instructor)

WR partner:KOCHO CO., LTD.


around 14:00 Under Armour Running and Exercise Tips(10min.)

Useful information for runners and introducing WRR original “Rie-training” presented by Rie Hasegawa 

WR partner:FIAT

Tiziana Alamprese, FCA JAPAN LTD. 

Running Time!!

Start running anywhere you like! 

Upload your running photos on SNS with hashtag “#whiteribbonrun2021” and “#[prefecture where you ran]”! (ex. #Hokkaido, #Saitama, etc.)

Cooperative Association:i-PLAY TRUE Relay

i-PLAY TRUE Relay with the White Ribbon Run

15:00 Premium yoga after run(20 min.)

Instructor: Dr. Miho Takao (gynecologist and sports doctor)

WR partner: DANSKIN


WR partner: Natural Science Co., Ltd.

Natural Science Co., Ltd.

Special Talk for the International Women’s Day(20 min.)

Guests: Ai Tominaga (JOICFP Ambassador) × Chizuru Muko (Editor in Chief of WWD Japan)

16:00 Closing remarks 

※ WR partner=White Ribbon Partner

Wide variety of special guests

Ai Tominaga (JOICFP Ambassador)

Chizuru Muko (Editor in Chief of WWD Japan)

Emi Renata (Model and Fitness Instructor)

Ritsuko Tanaka (TV personality and president of the Japan Sap Yoga Association)

Dr. Kakuko Nakamura (orthopedic surgeon and sports doctor)

Dr. Miho Takao (gynecologist and sports doctor)


③Take a Charity Action


White Ribbon is the symbol of supporting the movement that women around the world would be healthier and live as they are. Aiming at realizing the world without maternal death, we unite hand-in-hand to expand our actions across borders, so that all women could choose their own way of living.

Some 800 women in the world lose their lives because of pregnancy, delivery, and abortion, most of which could have been saved in Japan. In order to save their lives and to aim at the world where all women receive health and rights, White Ribbon Alliance (WRA, headquarters: Washington D.C.) was founded. Currently, organizations and individuals in about 150 countries gather in the name of White Ribbon to engage in the support activities.


What is White Ribbon Run?

White Ribbon Run is a charity action JOICFP has been organizing since 2016, in conjunction with the International Women’s Day on March 8th. The run intends to inform the current situation to as many people as possible that women lose their lives one per two minutes because of pregnancy and delivery and to expand the circle of assistance for the white ribbon movement.

Under the slogan “Let’s run, for yourself, and for someone else” for the International Women’s Day, participants wear the same official T-shirt to run together for women around the world. By getting connected online (on the Internet), we will take a White Ribbon action worldwide.

Part of the entry fee will be donated for protecting women’s lives and health around the world.

The theme of WRR 2021 is “Healthy Women, Healthy World.”


Why running?

“Health should come first, and then physical strength. If you have both, you can protect yourself, your family, and someone else. I wish my daughter had the physical strength…”,

said a woman at a shelter after the Great East Japan Earthquake. The woman in her 60s was affected and lost her daughter of three children at the disaster.

We learned that health and physical strength could reduce the damage of disaster.

Disaster comes one after another in Japan. We want to share our learning to as many people as possible.

By running, we could be healthy not only physically but also mentally and gain confidence. Also, we could feel solidarity and the power by running together with others.

As a starter, why don’t we run “for ourselves” and reflect your body and health through the White Ribbon Run, so that we could have a healthy and independent life during your lifetime?


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

~ Aiming at a sustainable society where no one is left behind.

International community is committed to SDGs to achieve a sustainable society where no one is left behind by 2030. JOICFP organizes the WRR to realize the following three goals: SDG3 (Good Health and Well-being), SDG5 (Gender Equality), and SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals) together with Registered Sites in Japan, and all parties involved such as runners, corporation and organizations.

In addition, following goals are all related to gender issues: SDG1 (No Poverty), SDG2 (Zero Hunger), SDG4 (Quality Education), SDG6 (Clean Water and Sanitation), SDG8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG10 (Reduced Inequalities), SDG12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG13 (Climate Action), and SDG16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions).


What is JOICFP?

JOICFP is engaged in the activities to protect women’s lives and health around the world, especially in the developing countries as they are often threatened by the “gap.”

Everyone around the world has a right to acquire knowledge and information on health and gender and to choose to live with their own will. However, in many countries, there still exists a wide variety of gaps based on gender, which often make women suffer and even threaten their health and lives. These gaps cause early marriage, teen pregnancy, deprivation of learning opportunities, domestic violence (DV), sexual violence, unwanted pregnancy, female genital mutilation (FGM), etc. Eliminating these gaps is never easy; however, acquiring the correct knowledge and information and learning the means of choosing their life would change the behavior and awareness individually and eventually change the environment.

Collaborating with the government of developing countries, local non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and local organizations, etc., JOICFP enhances cooperation based on the community’s viewpoint, so that people in the community would be actively engaged in promoting their life and health. Furthermore, in Japan, JOICFP supports women, mothers and children who tend to be vulnerable and whose needs are often overlooked when disaster strikes.

Having been highly evaluated domestically and internationally for its achievement, JOICFP received the United Nations Population Award in 2001, the Yomiuri International Cooperation Prize in 2016, the first Japan SDGs Special Awards in 2017, and Japan Sports Agency (JSA) Commissioner Prize in 2019.

Race Information

■ Name of Event: WHITE RIBBON RUN 2021
■ Host: Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP)
■ Grant from: JKA foundation
■ Sponsors: FMG & MISSION CO., LTD., FCA JAPAN LTD., Saraya Co.,Ltd., Natural Science Co.,Ltd., INSOU HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., Kao Corporation, KOCHO CO., LTD., and GOLDWIN INC.
■ With the Special Support of:

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

■ With the Support of (in a random order):

  • UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Tokyo Office
  • UN Women – Field Office Japan
  • Japan Family Planning Association (JFPA)
  • Japanese Midwives Association
  • Japan Society of Maternal Health

■ Cooperation: DOME Corporation

■ Event Administration: Roots Sports Japan Co., Ltd. and Wiseman Inc.
* Part of the program is implemented by the subsidy of keirin (bicycle race) .

■ Dates: Monday, March 1st to Sunday, March 14th, 2021
Registered Sites in Japan: Saturday, March 6th and/or Sunday, March 7th, 2021
1-day Online Festa: Sunday, March 7th, 2021

■ Categories: “Run at Registered Sites in Japan” and “Anywhere, for Anyone”


Entry Fees

Category Age Entry Fee (JPY) Donation allocated from the Entry Fees Early Bird
(500 yen discount)
JOICFP Friends ※3
Registered Sites in Japan 25 or older 3,500 1,000 3,000 2,500
13 to 24 2,500 500 2,000
Under 13 1,500 200
Anywhere for anyone ※1 (Individual Participation) 25 or older 3,500 1,200 3,000 2,300
13 to 24 2,500 500 2,000
Under 13 1,500 200


※1 Anywhere, for Anyone
From Monday, 1 March to Sunday, 14 March, 2021, you can participate by wearing the official charity T-shirt, running wherever you like at your own pace. Please upload your running photos on SNS with hashtag #whiteribbonrun2021 to promote the White Ribbon movement.

※2 Early Bird Discount
Early bird runners who register between Friday, 20 November and Monday, 21 December 2020 will receive 500-yen discount. This discount applies to those runners who are 25 or older.

※3 JOICFP Friends Discount
This is eligible for JOICFP Friends who support JOICFP monthly. Registration is from Friday,  20 November 2020 through Wednesday, 20 January, 2021. Discount will be applied to the members of JOICFP Friends only, and their family and friends are not applicable.

NOTE: Entry service charge
When using Sports Entry to enter events, an entry service charge will be applied on top of the event entry fee. This entry service charge is for the services regarding entry registration via Sports Entry, separate from the event entry fee (i.e., 220 JPY for the entry fee below 4000 JPY (tax included), or 5.3% of the entry fee of 4001 JPY or more (tax included)).

* Please make a payment at the age when you register.

* Insurance fee is included in the entry fee for the “Registered Sites in Japan.”

* After registration, the original charity T-shirt will be mailed individually as a gift for participation.
Registration:Enter from the Sports Entry.



Enter from the Sports Entry.

■Registration Period: Fri., 20 November, 2020 – Wed., 20 January, 2021
(Runners complete the registration process after payment, which will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Once it reaches the capacity, the entry will be closed. There is no cancellation waiting)

■Early Bird Discount: from Friday, 20 November to Sunday, 20 December 2020

■JOICFP Friends Discount: from Friday,  20 November 2020 to Wednesday, 20 January, 2021


Schedule, Venues, Restrictions

①Registered Sites in Japan

33 Sites  (as of 14 January, 2021)

Semboku, Akita・Sendai, Miyagi, Yamagata, Yamagata・Niigata, Niigata・Ashikaga and Oyama, Tochigi (2 sites)・Ichikawa and Chiba, Chiba (2 sites)・Tokyo・Yokohama and Yokosuka, Kanagawa (2 sites)・ Shizuoka, Fuji, Mishima, and Hamamatsu, Shizuoka (4 sites)・Iida, Nagano・Nagoya, Aichi・Tsu, Mie・Otsu and Kouga, Shiga (2 sites)・Tenri, Nara・Osaka・Himeji, Hyogo・Hiroshima, Hiroshima・Naruto, Tokushima・Takamatsu, Kagawa・Uwajima, Ehime・Kochi, Kochi・Fukuoka, Fukuoka・Takeo, Saga・Unzen, Nagasaki・Miyazaki, Miyazaki・Satsuma Sendai, Kagoshima

WRR 2021 at the Registered Sites will be held on Sat. 6 and/or Sun. 7 March, 2021

* Contact each site for the date and time, venues, course, the maximum number of participants, etc. (the following five sites switched to the category “Anywhere, for Anyone” : Ashikaga, Fuji, Shiga, Fukuoka, and Saga.

■Eligibility: Anyone

■Entry Fee:
3,500 JPY (25 or older)
2,500 JPY (13 to 24 years old)
1,500 JPY (Under 13)


②Anywhere, for Anyone

■Course and Time: run/walk at your own pace

■Place: wherever you wish (your neighborhood, regular running spot, etc.)

■Dates: Anytime between Mon. 1 March and Sun. 14 March, 2021

■Eligibility: Anyone

■Entry Fee:
3,500 JPY (25 or older)
2,500 JPY (13 to 24 years old)
1,500 JPY (Under 13)

You can participate in the category any time you like during the above period.


Gift for Participation

WHITE RIBBON RUN 2021 Original Charity T-shirt

Please wear the original charity T-shirt on the day of the event to send the message. The T-shirts will be mailed to all registered runners prior to the run event.


Charitable Activities

About WRUN 2021 Projects

Part of the entry fees will be donated to the activities below.
Depending on the sum of donation, contents of the activities are subject to change. Please note that not all activities are necessarily implemented.



JOICFP will assist management of maternal and child health clinics and deliver health and medical services to women, mothers and children in the suburban area of Jalalabad. In order for Afghan women to receive such services at ease, female medical personnel need to be present because of their cultural and customary circumstances. JOICFP assigns female doctors and many female personnel and provides healthcare services necessary for women, mothers and children such as medical check-up before and after childbirth and vaccination. In implementing these services, JOICFP will ensure strict COVID-19 measures. In order to acquire knowledge and skills to protect their health, the curriculum of the health education program offered at the clinic would include prevention of COVID-19 infection.



JOICFP will provide support to the healthcare centers in the rural areas of Copperbelt Province for assisting women, mother and children, by adopting the measure against COVID-19 pandemic. As the coronavirus has been spreading, the number of pregnant women and mothers who are afraid to receive healthcare services and who choose to deliver at home has also been increasing. Under such circumstances, the maternal mortality rate would likely increase. In order to provide the healthcare services with comfort, measures against the infection of coronavirus within the facilities should be taken, and accurate knowledge by Safe Motherhood Action Group (SMAG) and young peer educators needs to be delivered. Donations collected would be utilized for providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), kit necessary for delivery, and medical equipment and for local awareness-raising activities facilitated by SMAG and young peer educators. JOICFP will aim at creating the environment in which women could receive high-quality healthcare services continuously amid COVID-19.

Terms of Application

Before applying for the White Ribbon Run 2021 (“run event”), each entrant must agree and accept the terms of application below.

  1. The person interested in participating in the run event must understand the contents of the event rules and guidelines. After registration, participants cannot change categories, cancel, or get a refund of the entry fee for any reason at their convenience.
  2. False information of age, sex, record, and participation other than the registered person shall not be allowed. Alternative participation or transfer of rights shall not be allowed. If such conducts are found out, the organizer will not compensate for any matters.
  3. Applications may be delivered late due to circumstances related to Internet servers or other devices, etc. The organizers cannot assume any responsibility for such lateness of delivery.
  4. Event information will be delivered for all participants to their registered email address. As for non-delivery of such information due to defective email address, etc., the organizer will not confirm, so please check on your own.
  5. If applicants do not pay the entry fee by the due date, their registration will be automatically cancelled.
  6. If the event is cancelled due to reasons not attributable to the organizer’s responsibility, such as an earthquake, wind or flood damage, severe weather, snowfall, incident, accident or epidemic, etc. entry fees shall not be returned.
  7. The organizer holds the right of likeness and the publication right of motion pictures, photographs, articles, records, etc. on TV, newspaper, magazine, and the Internet produced during the WRR2021. Participants agree with the commercial use for printing materials, video, information media, etc. that are incidentally produced by the Organizer. Personal information such as name, age, date of birth, address (including nationality, prefecture, municipality) will not be disclosed.
  8. If a participant is injured or feels ill during the run event, the organizer will have an emergency treatment and if necessary, he or she will be urgently transported to the hospital. In such a case, participant’s name, address, and contact will be provided to medical staff and/or first aid team.
  9. Participants understand beforehand that compensation for accident and illness during the WRR2021 should be limited within the insurance coverage that the person or the group as White Ribbon partners who operate the registered sites enroll and that acquiring infections including COVID-19 will not be covered by the insurance.
  10. The organizer is not liable to all matters except for emergency treatment, or organizer’s willful or gross negligence for illness, any loss or accident during the run event.
  11. The organizer handles participants’ personal information by observing the regulation of protecting personal information. Participants agree beforehand that their personal information can be used for the purposes of sending a participation invitation, notifying related information, offering services by sponsors, cooperative bodies and affiliated organizations, and reporting organizer’s support activities, etc.
  12. Aside from the terms of application above, the run event will be held in line with other rules and instructions for the race stipulated by the Organizer.
    In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

Safety Measures for COVID-19

At Registered Sites in Japan

In case of cancellation due to earthquake, typhoon, disasters, and matters that are not attributable to JOICFP, the category “Registered Sites in Japan” will be switched to another category “Anywhere for Anyone”, and the online event on March 7, 2021 will be held as scheduled. T-shirts will be mailed to entrants. If all events are cancelled due to conflict, earthquake, infectious disease, etc., the entry fee (as donation) will NOT be refunded to the registered participants.

As for Determination of cancelling the White Ribbon Run

Reasons for cancelling the run at all registered sites in Japan

An emergency declaration is issued, or equivalent circumstance is occurred all over Japan.

Reasons for cancelling the run depending on the registered sites in Japan

  • Cancellation of the event is requested from municipal government or governing body of facility management for the venue and course
  • Formal request is not made, but if a registered site faces difficult circumstances to manage the run event for some reasons or other equivalent matters.
  • In case a site is unable to manage the run event, JOICFP and the site will consult to decide on whether it will hold or cancel the event.

① Monitoring health until the day of the event: Participants shall submit the Health Check Sheet that records his or her state of health and history of activities for up to one week before the day of event. Should an entrant be suspected of infection or has the symptom of COVID-19, he or she cannot participate in the run.

② Preventive measures for infectious disease in managing the event and the venues on the event day
Following measures are to be taken on the day of the event: runners must have their body temperature checked, sanitize hands, and wear a mask at the check-in counter.
Anyone who has a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher or whose temperature is one degree higher than her or his normal temperature cannot participate in the run or event. Masks or face covering should be worn at all times except when running, and hands should be sanitized.
Avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing
Depending on the number of runners, a wave start will be utilized.

③ Measures for Volunteers
All volunteers shall wear a mask/face covering and utilize relevant equipment for preventing infection at each assigned spot.